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San Diego, California (October 28, 2011) Earlier this year, TestCountry announced it had partnered with a United Kingdom company to expand its operation into the area. Since that decision, the TestCountry has realized a steady, consistent growth in the UK.

"The move into the UK was our first opening outside the United States," says Serhat Pala, president of TestCountry.com. "And with the double-digit, monthly growth we've seen since we began the partnership, we're convinced this was a good move for us."

According to recent research, in 2010 the e-commerce market in Europe grew faster than the American market. Additionally, the United Kingdom e-commerce market was up by 23 percent, which is double the rate of the European market as a whole. And 12 percent of the sales in Europe were generated by US-owned businesses.

TestCountry provides a wide range of services to assist in the development, and continuous improvement of corporate drug testing programs-ranging from instant drug and alcohol tests, to helping companies implement a comprehensive drug testing program. TestCountry clients include the construction, manufacturing, retail, transportation, education, securities, high tech, medical and general services industries.

Studies in Europe have shown that eight percent of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, which is 50 percent higher than in the US.

"We've seen that the number of Smartphone visits to our site in the UK is higher than our US site," says Pala. "So we're incorporating a mobile site to facilitate those users."

In the United Kingdom, TestCountry partnered with BNM Research Corporation for expanding their unique product and service offering to the European Union market. BNM Research Ltd. was established in 2008 for providing instant diagnostic and laboratory testing. "We have seen a constantly growing interest in our products and services and I am very pleased that we could also win corporate customers in local government and the construction industry. The product and quality expectations of our customers in Europe makes us constantly extending our support team to guarantee the fast and professional service we want to provide", says Pala.