Drug Testing News BLOG

An independent filmmaker from Wisconsin partnered with several community organizations to educate kids about the risks of prescription drug abuse.

Ron Haese, a well-known producer, and director of feature films and documentaries, is on the verge of finishing Ten Forty-Eight -- a film that underscores the serious consequences of prescription drug abuse among teens. The project is in partnership with Town of Menasha and city of Menasha police departments, Theda Clark Medical Center, Gold Cross Ambulance, Westgor Funeral Home and Sterling Gardens Florist.

Ten Forty-Eight tells the story of a group of high school students who get prescription drugs through a variety of means and gather in a basement to take them. It stars students from Neenah, Kimberly and Kiel high schools to help teenage viewers connect with the story. In one of the scenes, two teenagers were rushed to a hospital after overdosing from prescription medications. One of the students is resuscitated while the other did not survive the incident. Other characters in the film are arrested and put in jail.

"This is a problem that’s coming up often in kids’ lives," Haese told PostCrescent. "I’m not sure they understand the consequences of taking these drugs. I hope this film can help them understand."

Filming of Ten Forty-Eight wraps up this month. Haese is hoping to have the movie ready for viewing next school year.

Haese is a veteran in producing and directing films that help raise awareness about issues like alcohol drinking and drug abuse. He has entered 15 of his films into national film festival competitions which earned him over a dozen national awards, with four awards for his writing.