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Just because other states have done it does not mean they should. This is one point that the Iowa Board of Pharmacy stressed as it once again rejected the petition of medical marijuana advocates to allow the use of medical marijuana in Iowa.

Last year, advocates took the state Board of Pharmacy to court when they refused to review the classification of marijuana. In April, Polk County District Court Judge Joel Novak ruled that the board should find out whether the evidence being presented by advocates was enough to support a finding that marijuana has accepted medical uses in the country and that it is safe for use under medical supervision.

Since marijuana is now legally being used in 13 US states as pain therapy for sufferers of AIDS, cancer and multiple sclerosis, among others, advocates in Iowa have asked the board to recommend the removal of marijuana from what is known as Schedule 1 classification, the criteria of which includes that a substance has no accepted use in medical treatments in the United States.

The board also cited in their decision, which was handed out Monday, that there was no sufficient scientific evidence to indicate that marijuana should indeed be used for medical purposes. The fact that other US states have already legalized its use does not constitute as scientific evidence.

It was DeeAnn Wedemeyer-Oleson, a member of the Iowa Board of Pharmacy, who likened the board decision to a well-known line that parents use with their children when confronted by the argument that others are doing it -- the fact that others are doing it does not mean you should. So for now, Iowa citizens who hope to use marijuana therapy will have to wait.