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San Diego, CA  December 27, 2007 - Many Americans and sports fans around the world are dismayed at the fact that some of their favorite sports stars have recently admitted to, or are under suspicion of, steroid use. Therefore, sport's leaders have found themselves under scrutiny for possibly not having done enough to clean up their sports and the players have found their names on the newly released Mitchell Report.

Unfortunately, steroid abuse does not limit itself to the players in professional sports but has found its way into the semi-pro, college, and high school levels. They are very dangerous in that steroids cause dangerous side effects like elevated blood pressure, can raise cholesterol levels, increases the risk of cardiovascular or coronary artery disease, enlarges and thickens the left ventricle as well as a variety of other adverse effects on the heart and cardiovascular system. This is why Testcountry.com has added the Steroid Urine Panel Premium Test to their line of home testing kits in order to curb the upward trend of steroid use.

The Steroid Urine Panel Premium Test uses the most accurate technology available for those who have a need to test for steroids. The test is especially useful for all levels of sports from high school to professional and can also be used by parents who may suspect that their child may be utilizing steroids to enhance their athletic performance.

Amateur sports teams, as well as high school athletic departments, have inquired about using steroid testing in their sports programs. There have also been corporations that are considering doing steroid-free workplace programs in addition to their existing drug testing programs.

With highly accurate results that do not require a professional for urine sample collection; you can administer the test at the time and place you deem appropriate. You can also take comfort in the fact that the Steroid Urine Panel Premium Test detects a total of 17 different kinds of steroids and, if steroids are detected, gives you quick results in which you have a hard copy in your hand.

Since the sanctity of sports has been damaged due to increased reports of steroid use, anabolic steroid testing is becoming more prevalent. Athletic departments all over the world are realizing that it is detrimental that something is done early in the game, so more high school sports programs are adopting steroid testing policies to ensure their players do not fall victim to steroid use. As a matter of fact, upon the initial offering of the test, amateur, and high school sports programs have inquired about using the test for football and weightlifting. Even corporations have inquired about the test to create a steroid-free workplace program in addition to their existing drug testing programs.

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