Drug Testing News BLOG

Some seedless melons were recalled by the FDA in Texas and California because of fears of a bacterial contamination. Timco Worldwide Inc. of Davis, California is being asked to recall large seedless watermelons that might be contaminated with salmonella. The recalled watermelons display a MelonUP! sticker with UPC 0 33383 40240 6 on the label. Consumers who have purchased large seedless watermelons displaying the MelonUP! sticker in Texas or California can return them to the store they were purchased from for a refund. Consumers with questions can contact the company at 530-757-1000.

The recall came as a result of food test which detected the presence of salmonella on the outside rind of a melon. As a precaution, the company asks consumers to wash the outer rind of the fruit before slicing it regardless of if the UPC matches the one being recalled. Salmonella can pose a serious health risk and on occasion can result in severe reaction when contaminated food is eaten. Using caution and making sure that vegetables and fruit are washed before slicing is a great habit to take on if you aren't already doing it.