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While there are speculations and educated guesses made regarding the possible causes of drug abuse, there is no single concrete reason for people to become drug abusers. Drug abuse is brought about by many factors, all of which drive individuals to seek out the comfort and relief that they believe can help them forget about the real world, if only momentarily.

Since the incidence drug abuse is common among adolescents, one possible cause can be peer pressure. For teenagers, it can be especially hard to resist the lure of drug use when other people in the immediate vicinity have tried it too. Being clean would be, in some cases where drug use is the norm, tantamount to being “uncool”, and teenagers would rather risk the damage brought about by drugs than being labeled that way.

The speculation that drug abuse is hereditary cannot be ruled out, especially if the user’s family has an extensive history of reported drug use. Those with families with a history of drug addiction are more susceptible to abusing drugs.

While there are a lot more possible reasons why drug abuse starts among individuals, looking at the social and genetic factors of this activity can help us better understand its nature. Aside from that, knowing the origins of drug abuse can also aid in choosing which treatment methods are most appropriate for those who want to go through with rehabilitation.

Knowing the individual’s origin in drug use can also help anticipate possible modes of behavior as well, which is important if you suspect that your loved one is taking drugs. By understanding the causes of drug abuse, it also becomes easy to intervene and possibly end his or her habit.