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Things got really hot when police had an encounter with former Sports Illustrated and Maxim cover girl, Estella Warren, last Tuesday. The Daily Mail reports that The Planet of the Apes star was arrested by police for banging her Prius into three cars and trying to escape from a police station.

According to TMZ, the actress slammed her Toyota Prius into three parked cars while driving in Los Angeles. Things got violent when Warren tried to drive away from the incident but was held eventually by police. She tried to resist arrest by kicking an officer and was later charged with driving under the influence.

Police handcuffed her while on the way to the police station, and upon booking proceedings she was able to get her cuffs off and tried to escape using the backdoor exit. The actress was caught again, this time with an added felony escape on her charges. She was released from police custody after posting a $100,000 bail.

Witnesses to Warren’s car crash say that when one of the owners of the three cars she damaged approached her, she was obviously drunk and did not act normally. More residents tried to help her but she started screaming and accusing the people around her of stealing her valuables and belongings. One neighbor was interviewed by RadarOnline and she says, “To be honest, I felt sorry for her because she was obviously really wasted and would not listen to anybody, but she caused damage to several cars. Luckily, nobody was badly hurt because she should not have been driving in that state.”

The neighbor also tells reporters that when police arrived and tried to arrest Warren, she started arguing and disrespected the officers, even hitting one of the men in uniform.

Reps for the star have yet to release any statement regarding the incident.