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These days, many teenagers have found their way to drugs. Perhaps it can be said that mass media played a significant role in influencing teen drug use, but that is beside the point here. However, looking at how adolescents begin this habit is a matter that must definitely be looked into.

So, how does teenage drug use begin? To answer this properly, let us look at the user in question: the teenager. Remember that teenagers are known for being headstrong, sometimes rebellious and that they experiment with a lot of different things in order to establish their identity in the world. However, not all of these experiences are necessarily good, and some lose themselves because of it.

In establishing this sense of identity, teenagers look to their peers as their reference groups and they look up to them in order to define for themselves what being “cool” means, even if these same peers are known drug users.

Here, contact between the adolescent and the peer group can influence him to participate in drug use. He would then proceed to try rather than risk being labeled as “uncool”, a label that he would much prefer not to have for the length of his adolescent life.

Of course, the more the teenager gets into drug use, the harder it is to get out. The negative effects would include physical changes, mental instability, as well as adverse behavior. And the sad thing about it is that his peer group will not support him emotionally if he has fallen too far down the path of addiction.

In this way, peer pressure is also a factor that can determine the teenager’s drug use, especially since it is during this stage that the sense of self-identity is nurtured. If you’re also a teenager who is pressured by your friends to do it, think for a moment -- Are you really willing to throw your life away this easily, merely based on not wanting to be labeled “uncool” if you don’t smoke pot, or sniff coke? Think about it, and better think hard.