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Valentines Day falling on a weekend this year makes it ideal to go on a chick flick marathon at home. Since among the staples for times like this in our home are Dirty Dancing and Ghost, we suddenly thought about how Patrick Swayze was doing in his fight against pancreatic cancer. What we were greeted with online were latest pictures of him smoking while waiting for his wife outside a pizza place in Beverly Hills.

Swayze, a self-confessed chain smoker, is said to consume up to sixty cigarettes a day. This fact has received mixed reactions from people since the actor was diagnosed. Photographed by paparazzi outside the pizza restaurant, he was said to have consumed several cigarettes in less than ten minutes.

In a recent interview, Swayze was quoted as saying that if it seems that he has a chance of living longer than five minutes, he will stop smoking. But until then, it looks like he is resigned to his fate and would rather continue smoking. He has admitted that there is a chance that he might lose his battle with cancer within five years.

There are reports that he has already stopped undergoing chemotherapy after experiencing extreme smoking side effects such as intense dental pain, which made it impossible for him to chew food. The actor has denied this openly, with his representative Annett Wolf denying the allegations on People.com. Patrick himself told Barbara Walters that he can take whatever is thrown at him. As for the dental problems, there are reports that he has undergone dental surgery to fix the damage to his gums and save his teeth.

Just last January, Patrick Swayze ushered in 2009 by being hospitalized for pneumonia, said to have been a side effect of his ongoing chemotherapy sessions. He is set to be seen in the TV series 'The Beast', which he filmed in July last year. As for his smoking, many still believe that, even in his condition, the actor should be allowed to live his life the way he sees fit and that he should be left alone. Or should he?