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We all know that reward system is often used in motivating a child or an employee to behave well. But will this same approach work for teenagers if it means skipping unsupervised, drug-laden parties?

Various schools around the U.S. have lined up extravagant goodies, such as brand new cars, iPads, and college scholarships, in the hope of attracting teens to attend supervised, alcohol-free events after their annual high school proms.

According to Reuters, the prizes are sometimes provided by local businesses while others are purchased through parent-led fundraising.

In Roanoke, Virginia, one student will be given a new 2013 Nissan Juke and two others will get iPads.

"Research shows that if they stay to the end of the after-prom party, they are more likely to be alcohol- and drug-free," said Kathy Sullivan, the director of the Roanoke group.

In Pennsylvania, one high school student will drive away a black Honda Civic just for going to a supervised after-prom party. In Derby, Kansas, a high school booked an entire amusement park for its after-prom party.

Meanwhile, Allen High School in Allen, Texas gave away eight $250-worth of scholarships, several computers, a party for 20 at a local barbecue restaurant and tickets to a Texas Rangers baseball game.

At the Johnson City, New York, students have a chance to get microwaves, laptops and television sets. On top of that, attending students will be given a suitcase with $100 worth of merchandise.