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Before Pineapple Express, Adventureland and Smiley Face, there were several films that bravely discussed the issue of marijuana. Here are some of the marijuana films of interest:

Marihuana (1936). Well, the title of the movie says what it's all about -- marijuana, weed, pot. Classified as an exploitation film, Marihuana follows the life of Burma, a girl who attends a party, smokes marijuana and goes skin-dipping with other girls. One of the girls drowned. Later in the film, Burma becomes pregnant, gives up her child for adoption, becomes a drug dealer and plans to kidnap her sister's adopted daughter, who turns out to be her own.

Reefer Madness (1936). Another exploitation film, it presents the events that happened after pushers lured high school students to try marijuana. It was originally made to show parents the dangers of cannabis by using tragic events such as hit-and-run accident, manslaughter, rape and suicide. The film was not well received then. It was rediscovered in 1970s as an unintentional comedy. In 2004, major American film studio 20th Century Fox released a colorized version of the film on DVD.

Assassin of Youth (1937). Although often referred as a clone to Reefer Madness, this film is a thriller that reflects the ill effects of marijuana use. It showcases marijuana-dealing youths, all-night parties, obscenity and violence.

Recent films on marijuana, however, are less critical of marijuana use compared with these old ones.