Drug Testing News BLOG

The Chillicothe, Ohio Grand Jury was busy lately as they had to hear 30 drug cases on the same day. Three of those individuals were involved in a drug bust that had occurred on Hirn Street back in April.

Amongst the cases was one involving Vincent Branson, 28, Kyle Barfield, 52, and Heather Tennant, 29, They were busted in April when the U.S. 23 Pipeline Major Crimes Task Force executed a search warrant for the Hirn Street residence. The warrant was issued because Branson was seen dropping a baggie of a white substance. He also had a second baggie in his possession.

Found inside the home were cocaine, marijuana, and $2,271 in cash. The drugs that Tennant was in possession of was in her purse. If they are all found guilty, Tennant may receive six months to a year, Branson up to eight years, and Barfield up to five years.