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Anyone who wants to know if their child has been smoking can do so by testing for nicotine that will stay in their system for a few days after they have their cigarette. Cotinine is the substance that is easily detected in nicotine tests and is found in the urine or the saliva. The results of these home tobacco tests are very accurate and can be performed in as little as five minutes.

In addition to helping parents discover if their child has been smoking, nicotine and tobacco test kits can also be used by individuals who want to be sure that the nicotine is out of their system before they take a test for work.

Many companies are testing employees not only for substance abuse but also for smoking. Those who want to work for companies that test for smoking and want to quit smoking can learn if the substance has left their system before they submit to a company test by using a confidential home test kit designed to detect nicotine in the system.