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Drugs and alcohol abuse is one of the biggest problems that the country has, and the nation’s capital tops the list for the most number of cases of substance abuse in the United States.

A new report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration showed that the District registered an 11.3% of people 12 years old and above who are into drugs and alcohol addiction. Virginia follows with 9.4% and Maryland at 8.1%.

Analysts identified factors such as the wide distribution of drugs, highly stressful living, and inadequate efforts to encourage abusers to seek treatment as the causes why the District topped the list. The latest SAMHSA report also showed the most abused substances in D.C. which include marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol.

Babette Wise, the director of the drug and alcohol abuse program of Georgetown University Hospital also has her own interpretation why the city climbed at its present level. She says most workers in the District have the idea that work is also a social event, wherein they get to attend parties and functions which give them the opportunity to drink. This is why some who are already in an addiction may find it hard to admit that they need help.

"People will think, 'How can there be addiction in the family when my family member has this high position or she's making all this money?'” Wise said.

A big percentage of D.C. residents are into highly stressful jobs or are in poverty which fuel drug abuse. Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Lieberman from the George Washington University says that when these people end up in emergency rooms, treatment will be more successful if done a few days after being discharged from the hospital. Unfortunately, this scenario doesn’t always happen making an addict more agitated and with lesser chances of getting sober again.