Drug Testing News BLOG

In a recent news article, a 41-year-old man was arrested in Leesburg, Virginia for the possession of a package containing MDMA short term for a synthetic drug known as 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine intercepted by the police.  Allegedly, the US Postal Service was used as the delivery method to send 10 oxycodone pills and about 8-1/2 grams of MDMA otherwise known as ecstasy and molly to the address of a man named Thomas C. Watson.

According to Phil Erickson, Substance Abuse Program Manager for Loudoun Country, drugs like Molly are precarious to the still-developing brains of teenagers. This is highly addictive and one of the side effects of using it is long-term depression.

The use of molly in Virginia is very rampant. Any high school and college students know about molly and it's the cool thing to do now. This party drug is often used in nightclubs thus it is known as a club drug. It makes a person free-spirited as if you are friends with everyone even though you are not. This is a very popular drug with a big supply. Though this drug is illegal, it can be accessed and bought through the internet, with Mexico and China being the major sources of this substance.

MDMA/Ecstasy/Molly is not impervious to drug testing. If you suspect your child of experimenting with MDMA, you can use an instant drug test to confirm your concern.