Drug Testing News BLOG

The debate on medical marijuana use in line with workplace drug testing is heating up, but this hasn't stopped the state of New York from opening its table to new applications for dispensaries and growth centers.

Starting this week, interested parties may submit their applications to the Department of Health Services (DOH) until May 5. Application fee costs $10,000, while registration will require $200,000. Although this bit of news sounds promising for companies who want to become the official dispensaries in the state, the DOH has strict rules in terms of approval. For starters, only five applicants will be granted licenses to dispense and cultivate marijuana. Each approved party can put up a maximum of four dispensaries which must be scattered throughout the state in different counties.

As the state preps for the medical marijuana program on January 5, 2016, many applicants are finding the approval and buildup process too rigorous and tight to complete in time. "If you go about it the right way, a town in New York may be receptive," said Advance Grow Labs managing director David Lipton in a news release. "A lot of people will apply in New York and there's a lot of money, but it's hard to do."

Each approved licensee can dispense up to five brands of medical pot, with DOH having full control and authority over pricing. "The Commissioner must set the price per dose for each form of medical marijuana sold by any registered organization and must take into account the fixed and variable costs of producing the form of marijuana in approving such price," according to the health department.

DOH has not yet opened the market to patients who want to avail of medical marijuana use in New York. Employers who wish to protect their zero-tolerance drug policies can do so with marijuana drug tests.