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In Phoenix, despite a number of marijuana dispensaries deprived of clearances to open, a club opened on the 4th of July with marijuana freebies for their customers.

The 2811 Medical Marijuana Club was inaugurated last Monday and clients were happy to have another dispensary where they can get their medications. They were delighted as the club offered free samples of marijuana just a few steps away from the dispensary.

According to a report on Fox11AZ, a lot of patients have registered and are now members of Club 2811. Vicki Smith, one of the club’s clients, says she’s learning more about medical marijuana and her questions are being answered quickly by the operators of the dispensary. Club 2811 also becomes a good place for her and other patients to interact and share stories and information with regards to medical marijuana. With soft music and comfortable seating, customers feel at ease and relaxed.

According to Allan Sobol, general manager of Club 2811, the center caters to clients who are looking for other legal opportunities to get hold of the medication that they badly need. Advocates celebrate the benefits of medical marijuana for the treatment of many disorders. He adds, “This is intended as an educational and resource center. It’s designed to allow networking amongst patients and caregivers and other people in the industry.”

The club’s opening invitation reads ‘Private Cannabis Membership Club opens in Phoenix. What better way to celebrate your Independence than to get your FREE MARIJUANA?’

Before people jump to the wrong conclusion, Sobol clarified that they only gave away about one-eighth of an ounce to clients who have state-approved marijuana cards. When asked about the legality of their Club, he says they have contacted law enforcement in the state and that they are very transparent in every activity that happens within the club.

Despite the acceptance of medical marijuana use in the state of Arizona, employers, law enforcement, educators, etc. can still legally utilize marijuana drug tests within their appropriate institution.