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Whoever came up with the idea of smuggling cocaine through orthopedic casts thought it was a clever one. It turns out it's not so clever after all.

In Spain, Spanish police officers arrested a man arriving at Barcelona's international airport aboard a flight coming in from Chile after determining that his fractured left leg was encased in a cast made out of cocaine. This was revealed in a statement made by the Interior Ministry last Friday.

The man had actual leg fractures, located on two bones below the left knee, but the police are surmising that the man and his accomplices may have fractured them on purpose in order to give them a reason to apply the cocaine cast.

What the man or his cohorts might have been hoping to do was to get past airport checks and police controls. Anyone with an injury such as this would have been accorded priority treatment and escorted all through the journey, and he would have breezed through airport controls.

Police were carefully scrutinizing passengers coming off a late night flight from the Chilean capital of Santiago last Wednesday when they noticed the man and became suspicious of him. Closer inspection into his belongings revealed cocaine stashed in various places and using different hiding techniques -- hidden amongst his belongings in his luggage, inside a six-pack of beer, and even inside the aluminum legs of two stools that he brought with him.

It was at this juncture that they became suspicious even with the cast, and when it was tested, it was revealed that the cast was actually made of cocaine.

The police were able to seize 10.5 lbs of cocaine from the man. He is currently in a hospital in Barcelona, receiving proper treatment for his fractured legs.