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Reports say that Lindsay Lohan will be appearing in Hugh Hefner’s famous magazine, Playboy. LiLo's Playboy pictorial is said to take place this week somewhere in Los Angeles.

Representatives from both the magazine’s and Lohan’s camp have yet to release a comment on the news, but it looks like LiLo will be taking her clothes off for the popular men’s mag.

Playboy allegedly offered Lohan $750,000, but the actress’s camp wanted a million. They reportedly agreed somewhere in between the two amounts.

While waiting for her date with Playboy, Lohan will continue her community service at the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office which she has started last Friday. Lohan is expected to fulfill 16 hours of duty and will have to appear in court on November 2nd.

Meanwhile, Lindsay’s also-controversial father Michael Lohan has been arrested in Tampa, Florida for domestic violence.

Police responded to a distress call from Michael’s home, and he was later arrested for physically hurting his live-in partner. But as police took him into custody, Lindsay’s dad complained of chest pains and was taken to a hospital. After checking out from the facility, he was placed under arrest.

Earlier in March, the 51-year-old Lohan was also arrested for the same violation in Los Angeles. He was charged with one misdemeanor count of corporal injury to a cohabitant.

Lindsay and her dad are still on a strained relationship, but they both took a stint at the Betty Ford Center for family counseling while she was undergoing treatment for substance abuse.