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Anyone having a conversation with Howard Stern is expected to say some pretty interesting things (to say the least), and when Lady Gaga graced Stern's radio show on Monday, listeners were able to hear just that.

Billboard.com shared the audio for the entire interview, which lasted for about an hour. Stern and Lady Gaga touched on a number of things, ranging from sex, drugs, and money. Yet again, Lady Gaga admitted to having a drug habit in the past, but shared how much she regretted doing cocaine, calling the substance simply as "the devil".

A feature on NME.com also shared the following excerpt from the interview, where the singer declared herself as strong enough to not need these substances: I think that I was lonely and there was something about the drug that made me feel like I had a friend. I regret every line [of cocaine] I ever did. Don't ever touch it. It's the devil.

She also admitted to doing ecstasy.

When asked about what serves as her inspiration, now that she no longer uses cocaine, she remarked: Whatever my v--ina whispers to me, I say 'yes'... inspiration, it doesn't come all the time.

Her talent and her fame as certainly taken her places, but when asked about the money associated with all that success, the singer responded by saying, "I really don't give a f---k about money at all." She then went on to share that life for her hasn't really changed that much: "I just came from my apartment in Brooklyn that's smaller than this studio."