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In the upcoming memoir “Come to the Edge” to be released in May, a woman who dated John F. Kennedy Jr. for almost five years wrote about her relationship with him in the late 1980’s. Twelve years after his untimely death, people will come to know a side of the former first son that is unknown to many.

Christina Haag met JFK Jr. when they were living in Manhattan and eventually became friends when they both entered Brown University. This is where they became close and bonded on their love for acting. They started dating each other at the time they were cast in a New York play.

Revealing and shocking truths from Haag’s book has been published in the Vanity Fair April issue. Here are some of the issues that have been included in her book:

JFK Jr. was fond of nicknames. He called Haag Chief and she called him King.

As a teenager, he had the habit of throwing paper towels stuffed with Noxzema out the window of his mother's 15th story Fifth Avenue apartment.

He had his share of experimenting and smoked marijuana offered by Jamaican locals.

He was also curious about tantric sex. On a vacation, he carried a book on the subject. He says it was given to him by his friend who spent some time in Thailand.

Despite being a free spirit, John F. Kennedy Jr. calls out to his mother in times of need.