Drug Testing News BLOG

Kids today can easily find themselves vulnerable to tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. Parents must help these children stay away from these harmful vices. The best way to do so is through talking with children openly and honestly about all the dangers that these substances could bring about in their lives.

Here are some tips on how parents can do it the right way:

a. Equip your child with the proper decision-making tools so that he may not be easily influenced by his peers.

b. Be an example. If you are a smoking parent, better quit the habit as you can expose kids to secondhand smoke. If you drink, do so in moderation.

c. Get your kids involved in worthwhile activities like sports and other fun hobbies. Let them see that clean fun is possible and that drugs and alcohol are not necessary.

d. Quality time with your kids is very important. Knowing your child’s routines and even his circle of friends will give you a better control of things.

e. Explain how he or she can become addicted to tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Provide a clear picture of what they might experience when they become addicts and the withdrawal symptoms that come along during treatment.

f. Show them examples of how people can be easily motivated to do anything against the law just to satisfy the cravings.

g. Explain to your kids that all these substances when abused can result in legal problems even if they are still minors.

h. Establish your own set of rules at home regarding the use of these substances. Be consistent in implementing such rules to show children that you are serious on these matters.