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The famous Emmy Award-winning show House MD features the story of unconventional Dr. Gregory House and his group of diagnosticians as they take on the most puzzling of medical cases. Heading the diagnostic division of the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, Dr. House leads through tough medical enigmas and challenges, as they deal with relationships, drugs, and death.

Holmes = Homes = House

The character of Gregory House is highly inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Like Sherlock Holmes, our protagonist Dr. House is as single-minded, brilliant and arrogant in their respective fields. A large portion of the show centers on House’s plight against drug addiction, particularly against the painkiller Vicodin. This also parallels to Holmes, which was written to have been addicted to injected cocaine and Opium.

Drug Addiction

The first few seasons of House revolved around his dependency with Vicodin for his leg pain. He had a leg infarction years ago that made it necessary for him to take Vicodin. Vicodin is an addictive painkiller medication and in seasons 5 and 6, we see how House struggles to get through with rehab. He has been addicted to Vicodin since season 1. Throughout the series, we see House take different drugs like LSD, oxycodone, Alzheimer’s medication and methadone.

Why Watch House MD

House MD is one of the top-rated shows in the US today. Six seasons in, House still draws a lot of loyal viewers because of its witty humor, unconventional storytelling, and heart-tugging stories. The viewer can also learn a lot about handling addictions and how these dangerous drugs affect one’s relationship with those around him.