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As people celebrate the holidays, health experts warn consumers against unhealthy alcohol consumption during this season, based on their report shared in a news item.

According to experts from UC Davis Health System in California, most people who attend parties are more likely to let loose and drink wine, which makes them more vulnerable to its harmful effects. Moreover, heavy drinkers may also use this season as a chance to drink in excess especially since it is just a one-off thing.

If you cannot do away with drinking this season, here are some of the things you need to consider to avoid high alcohol consumption during the holidays:
    • Drink in moderation so as to prevent alcohol-related injuries or any other health issues.
    • Don't pressure anyone to drink unless you have a plan of sending him home safely or hiring cab service.
    • Make your party fun for everyone by providing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
    • Always ready a room to let your guests sleep in when they have had too much to drink.

It might be fun to catch up with your old friends and it might be even more fun to put your hair down and have a good time. However, you need to remember that nothing spells disaster as much as drunk guests who don't care about safety and health. 

Law enforcement officers will also be busy this holiday season, so make sure you don't get stopped with a breathalyzer or instant alcohol test!