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We share this very important warning from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to parents regarding pot-laced treats this Halloween.

The Sheriff’s Department is asking parents to check Halloween treats that their kids may receive over the weekend, as they have been able to find more and more pot-laced cookies, candies, cereal snacks and bottled soda currently in circulation.

A raid on marijuana facilities, which resulted in the arrest of eleven people. Officials were able to seize 78 pounds of marijuana, with an estimated street value of $234,000. In addition, they were able to find pot-laced candy bars and orange drinks, as well as breakfast cereal that would look pretty close to your kids’ usual breakfast fare of Froot Loops or Apple Jacks.

Just last week, three boys from Orange County were almost poisoned after having cookies laced with marijuana, a gift from a neighbor to one of the boys’ father. The three boys – who were not related – each had a cookie. The side effects of marijuana appeared soon after, as they began feeling sick and started vomiting. The father had not known that the cookies were laced with pot.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department issued the warning on Friday and expressed worry over the fact that pot-laced treats may somehow find its way into trick-or-treating goody bags. These products apparently may look attractive to kids. Parents are encouraged to check the packaging of their kids’ treats for any signs of tampering.

There have been no cases reported thus far, however, of kids getting pot-laced treats on Halloween. If you suspect your child may have accidentally ingested food or drink containing marijuana, use an instant home marijuana test as soon as possible.