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Pregnancy is one of the most memorable life events that a woman can experience. As delicate and serious as it sounds, being pregnant brings joy and delight to the family.

Yahoo! Answers is brimming with questions about pregnancy, but some of them are so silly and outrageous that you just feel the urge to laugh and say "Are you serious?"

Here are some of the laughable questions in the popular Q&A site, as featured in Babble:

"Girlfriend ain't had a period since?"
ok im kinda (worried) here since my (girlfriend is) pregnant and all. she (hasn't been having) her period. do (you) think the baby is (drinking) the blood??? she (is) 6 month pregnant.

"Can you get pregnant from kissing?"
I was going to give my cousin a kiss on the cheek but she got upset and didn't want one because she's afraid she might get pregnant. Could she get pregnant if I kiss her? I'm 36, she's 11.

"Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant?"
If (you're) pregnant with a baby girl, and if you have sex while (you're) pregnant, can the sperm go up in there and impregnate the baby?

Take note: These are real questions from real people on Yahoo! Answers. How precious!

If you or a loved one believes they might be pregnant, it's important to use a pregnancy detection test ASAP.