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Former CSI star Gary Dourdan, who played Warrick Brown, has been arrested early Monday morning for suspicion of driving under the influence.

The former “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” star was caught at around 3:55 am in West Los Angeles by the Los Angeles Police Department, reports Access Hollywood.

Dourdan was said to have crashed his car into two other parked vehicles at 3:30 am. When police responded to the accident, Dourdan was said to be still inside his car although he was about to escape from the scene. Officers began searching his vehicle and eventually recovered a few ecstasy pills, according to a feature on The Baltimore Sun. He was later charged with felony drug possession and taken into custody.

He was released at noon after posting bail amounting to $10,000.

It was in April of 2008 when Dourdan was also arrested for possession of cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy pills with miscellaneous drugs and other paraphernalia in Palm Springs, California. An officer allegedly found the then CSI cast inside his car asleep which was parked at the wrong side of the road. At that time, the actor entered a plea bargain agreement allowing him to avoid jail time and instead enrolled himself in a drug diversion program.

The former CSI star has had a troubled life since he was a kid. At six years old, his brother, who was then 26, was murdered while vacationing in Haiti. The case remains unsolved.