Drug Testing News BLOG

A feature on the Lawrence Journal shared that a coalition was going to receive a federal grant that will be used towards the fight against teen drug and alcohol use.

The Douglas County Citizens Committee on Alcoholism (DCCCA) was established in 1974 to address concerns from a community for people who are suffering from alcohol abuse. Among the first programs that they offered were alcohol services, and they are known for providing, among others, prevention and treatment services for people who are suffering from alcohol addiction.

Jen Brinkerhoff, a coalition member and director for prevention for the DCCCA, said the following of Kansas: “We by far are the worst in the state when it comes to marijuana use, and we are also at an elevated risk for underage drinking and binge drinking.”

The DCCCA has been named as a beneficiary of the Drug-Free Communities Support Program, Brinkergoff shared. It will be receiving $110,000 for the first year and $125,000 for the succeeding years for an aggregate time period of five years. The coalition also stands to continue receiving grant funds, albeit for a reduced amount, for another five years.

Nancy Renfro, a chairwoman of the coalition, shared: “One of the things we have as one of our goals is to educate parents and really, really bring to their attention that when you host, you can be fined, and it’s a big issue.” The funds are being appropriated towards providing part-time funding for prevention specialists at Lawrence High Schools.