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A lot of people may find the solution to their ailments in medical marijuana, but a new study suggests that excessive use the controversial substance may affect the integrity of the skeletal structure.

U.K. researchers discovered that people who use marijuana in large quantities may be at a higher risk of bone injuries and abnormalities. The results were based on the diagnosis of close to 300 patients at a U.K. medical facility, some of which admitted to regular smoking of marijuana while others having no experience of marijuana use.

In addition, results point to a higher probability of bone thinning in people who use pot on a regular basis compared to those who haven't smoked a single joint in their life.

The research team suggested that this may be due to the effect of the metabolites of cannabis in the bone composition. "Our research has shown that heavy users of cannabis have quite a large reduction in bone density compared with non-users, and there is a real concern that this may put them at increased risk of developing osteoporosis and fractures later in life," said study co-author Dr. Stuart Ralston in a news release.

Despite this link between bone strength and marijuana use, the researchers found no evidence that says heavy marijuana use causes bone thinning.

Details of the study are set to be published in the next issue of The American Journal of Medicine.