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Data released by an American drug testing company showed that illegal drug use at work has slowly increased over the last 3 years.

Quest Diagnostics tested more than 9.5 million urine samples, 900,000 oral fluid samples, and 200,000 hair drug samples to prove the statistics released through the company's Drug Testing Index, an index used to examine the illegal drug use of employees in America every year. The results were presented during the yearly Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association Conference, as reported in a news release.

The index examined its results across three categories of employees: federally mandate and safety-sensitive employees, the general workforce, and the overall workforce of the U.S. Quest Diagnostics stated that the increase was “largely driven by double-digit increases in marijuana positivity” with a 2015 report showing an increase in marijuana findings by 25 percent compared to that of 2014. There was also a reported growth of employees testing positive for heroin, especially those who were categorized as federally mandated, safety-sensitive workers.

It is the hope of law enforcement officials that testing for THC using saliva will allow them to test for illegal drug usage in a safe, non-invasive environment. Though some people question the validity of the test, courts have not halted its usage.

Despite that, results taken from oral fluid drug testing showed an overall positivity increase of 47 percent in the general workforce, causing the rating to go up from 6.7 percent to 9.1 percent. Another disturbing statistic is the growth of post-accident urine drug testing results in both the general workforce and the federally mandated, safety-sensitive workforce. The index showed an increase of 6.2 percent of post-accident drug testing positivity.