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What should have been a way for DUI defendants to drive prior to appearing in court has become the cause of headaches that more than two-thirds of those who are expected to use it choose not to.

The Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device, or BAIID, is used by DUI defendants to test alcohol level before driving. If the individual happens to blow even a small amount of alcohol into the device, that person will be unable to start the car. Users also need to blow into the device every 10 to 15 minutes while driving. The system will deter anyone from driving drunk.

The thing is, the device is picking up more than just alcohol from tequila shots at a friend's party, as shared in a report on Fox News Chicago. Even Wonder bread, pizza and hot dog buns can set the device off and prevent users from driving, even if one did not drink at all. Alcohol testing consultant Dr. Ron Henson shares that they have found that pizza crust from certain locations can put a reading on the device more so than others.

Defense attorney Donald Ramsell said: What was intended to be a boon has become a boondoggle.

Henson also said that the device is more often triggered by enriched white bread, and pizza from Casey's General Stores based on the experiences of users. Experts hypothesize that the amount of yeast in the pizza crust may have something to do with it. The device can also be triggered by cough medicines, oral pain relievers and mouthwash.