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Parents and teens have a new ally in the fight against teen risk issues. The Dorchester District 2 community has formed the Community Parent Summit: Tools for Raising Successful Kids which is aimed at helping parents and school authorities in protecting kids from risks that endanger their growth and development.

The group is composed of 18 members -- educators, parents, church representatives, and social workers. They will implement programs to help the district’s 23,000 students especially those living in poverty.

School District Superintendent Joe Pye, who himself is a member of the body, tells those who attended their summit that kids need attention from parents and they need to get involved in church activities. When kids fail to have these factors and the family is affected by the economic crisis, trouble will come.

There are many hindrances in raising successful teens. Problems continue to surround them such as substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and school suspensions and dropouts.

Louis Smith, one of the organizers of the summit, shares her thoughts about the Community Parent Summit. “We do have a lot of kids out there that need parenting . . . This committee may be the first of its kind in the state, maybe even in the United States.”

The summit will hold workshops for Summerville High School on November 12. The Department of Social Services and the Dorchester County Alcohol and Drug Commission will take charge of the program during the said event. This is the best time for parents to raise their concerns and to be updated with drug and alcohol issues. Parents can perform private home teen drug tests if they need clarity.