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The Port Orchard City Council is putting a six-month moratorium on the licensing of medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits. The council made the decision last week and many see it as the city’s first prudent step regarding the issue. Though many citizens would be glad to have more than six months holding time for the controversial issue, they at least are happy to have some time on their side as a starting point.

In Washington, marijuana is legal under certain medical guidelines that voters approved of in Initiative 692 of 1998. Since the go signal, many marijuana dispensaries have opened and one down the road in Belfair is considering an expansion into the Port Orchard market.

The city, being proactive, discussed postponing a decision last week to have enough time to weigh out all the facts on medical marijuana matters. Most citizens only hope that when the city does arrive with a decision, they won’t let Port Orchard be part of the medical marijuana “scam.”

The stand of Port Orchard citizens can be understood as according to the US Drug Enforcement Agency website, “...the campaign to allow marijuana to be used as medicine is a tactical maneuver in an overall strategy to completely legalize all drugs. Pro-legalization groups have transformed the debate from decriminalizing drug use to one of compassion and care for people with serious diseases.” The website also notes that there is no medical value, as of now, in marijuana that can’t be met effectively by legal drugs.

While it is true that nobody wants to see sick people suffer, the only thing worse is the exploitation of their pain to force something that is obviously illegal to become legal. In DEA’s words, marijuana is “dangerous, addictive drug that poses significant health threats to users.