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There’s just no stopping actor Charlie Sheen.

The main character of the hit TV comedy series “Two and a Half Men” is determined not to stop on his rants against CBS and Warner Brother, the show's producers. For most critics, it looks like he’s starting to lose his way around the battle he started.

Charlie Sheen’s campaign against his show's creators and producers is good material for comedians, but it causes worry to some experts on mental health and drug abuse.

Deputy director for the Arapahoe House (a treatment facility in Denver) Arthur Schut say that most of them are sad and can’t exactly figure out the actor’s state, but it would seem he’s starting to manifest effects of his heavy addictions.

The actor even boasts that he smokes 7-gram rocks of cocaine! This amount can be fatal for others but the actor claims he has extraordinary traits.

New York clinical psychologist Dr. Deborah Serani tells that Sheen’s troubles could be more than his addictions to drugs and alcohol. It seems his problems are deeply-rooted in his being.

For now, the actor feels like he is invincible. Although he claims he is now “clean,” therapists highly doubt he could walk away from his addictions that easy. Only drug tests can determine for sure if Charlie is, in fact, sober.