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The power of the text message is quite amazing. In fact, police revealed a series of text messages that were sent in the hours prior and after a 16-year-old's death due to a heroin overdose. What is even more fascinating, but scary, is that the text messages revealed that a 23-year-old friend of the victim, Henry Deeb Gabriel III, tried to cover up January 6, 2008, incident as the teenager was at the hospital dying from heroin-induced symptoms.

Apparently, Gabriel had text messaged an 18-year-old friend who had provided him and Madeleine Prevost, the teenager, with the drug. A text message from the 18-year-old, Diego Perez, said, "She died. We never saw you." The following text messages talked about never mentioning the incident again.

Since then, Gabriel and Perez have been imprisoned. However, it has been found that Gabriel worked as an aide at the school system's elementary campus until he was arrested. Prevost was a junior at the high school. Prevost's mother was also a social worker at the elementary school, so she was a co-worker of Gabriel.

After doing the heroin, Prevost had returned home and her father had suspected that she had at least been drinking. He checked on her periodically, but the last time he had checked on her is when he noticed she was cold to the touch. Her parents tried to revive her, but they were not successful.