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In North Stonington, alcohol is the most popular choice for teens when it comes to the type of substance that they enjoy using and abusing.

The Positive Health in Teens (PHIT) and the Southeastern Regional Action Council (SERAC) presented this truth after they looked into records of high school and middle school students in North Stonington. The groups conducted a survey among 12th-grade students in the said area and alcohol came out as the overall substance of choice of teenagers.

The latest survey also noted a drop in the use of prescription drugs among teens. From the 247 respondents, only 2 to 4 percent admit to prescription drug abuse which is a very good development according to school officials.

Teacher Trish Albonti from Wheeler High School said that her class worked together with the PHIT to control prescription drug abuse, thus leading to a dramatic decrease in the cases of such type of substance abuse in her jurisdiction.

A point she emphasized though is the fact that more and more students use marijuana, and that it should be made as an important issue for the school to address. "The students said marijuana was more accessible than alcohol," Albamonti said. "I asked the students if they could find marijuana, even if they wouldn't use it, and 88 of 94 said they could."

Terri Murach who is a parent and a hospital worker shared her experiences with substance abuse among teens. She said the effects of such habits on children are just devastating. This is why she keeps her line of communication open with her 16-year-old daughter and constantly reminds her of the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Teacher Albamonti agrees that constant interaction between parents and their children is very effective in controlling substance abuse.

SERAC community coordinator Angela Duhaime claimed that based on the recent survey results, North Stonington still remains one of the areas where substance abuse rates are at the lowest.