Drug Testing News BLOG

It is common knowledge that steroids are a consistently abused device in the sports world. Acknowledging this, the level of drug and steroid testing conducted by professional sports organizations has increased tremendously in recent years in a concerted attempt to stop these athletes and prevent others from using these dangerous drugs. In 2009 there were several such cases, lending a certain air of disappointment to many sports this year.

1. Pat and Kevin Williams: Both men who play for the Minnesota Vikings were suspended for using Starcaps, which contains bumetanide, a diuretic that is commonly associated with attempting to cloak steroid use among professional athletes. Currently both men are also in a legal battle with the NFL who wants to suspend them for their use of the banned substance. Major changes could come of the legal battle between the two players and the NFL.

2. Joselio Hansen: Hansen, a cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles, was also suspended for using Starcaps this season. He was given a four game suspension for failing a drug test.

3. Antonio Colom: This Spanish cycling champion was suspended from competition for testing positive for EPO ( a peptide hormone) not long before the Toru de France. He was the 2nd teammate of the Katusha team to test this way and was tested after suspicion was raised by his biological passport.

4. Sureyya Ayhan: The Turkish 1,500 meter runner earned a lifetime ban from competition for having tested positive for steroid use twice. Ayhan served a two year suspension for refusing steroid testing before the 2004 Olympic games.

5. Wang Jing: The Chinese 100 meter champ tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and earned a lifetime ban from the Chinese Athletics Federation. She was also stripped of her 100 meter title that she won at the National Games.

6. Doug Barron: The PGA player was the first golfer to be banned for a year after the PGA took on an anti-doping policy in 2008. The positive result was surprising to the sports world who didn’t consider golfing a place for steroids or Barron the kind of athlete to use such drugs.

7. Manny Ramirez: The LA Dodgers baseball player earned a 50 game suspension for steroid testing positive for use of the drug Chlomid, a drug that steroid users commonly use to reduce the effects of coming off if steroids. The MLB is being particularly tough on steroid use in the last year.

8. Dwayne Bowe: Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Bowe was suspended for use of performance enhancing drugs.

9. Ken Shamrock: the UFC fighter was banned for the year and fined $2,500 for using performance enhancing drugs.

10. J.C Romero: Phillies reliever Romero tested positive for steroid use and preceded to blame the charge on a nutritional supplement provider whose product (6-OXO) he said caused the positive result. The player claimed the product was marketed and represented to him as being free of such products and wouldn’t cause a positive result if he was tested. He was suspended for the first 50 games of the season as part of the charge.