Drug Abuse BLOG

Access to drugs has become so easy nowadays with computer savvy teenagers purchasing drugs online. Internet pharmacies are now preferred by most teenagers since they can access any dangerous prescription drug as well as other street drugs like heroin, without any question. But parents now can take a sigh of relief. The Treatment Research Institute (TRI) in collaboration with Unyos, a Maryland – based software developing company, are helping parents, professionals, and others by developing a software which will deal with the dangers that the internet pharmacies pose to the teenagers.

The resource will be available at the website www.websafeparent.com from September 2009. “Drug addiction is a major problem of our society. It destroys human potential and community and has led to an overburdened criminal justice system. We are excited by the opportunity to help TRI address this misunderstood health care problem and continue the shift to prevention and treatment” said Mr.Carey Krez, CEO of Unyos.

TRI is a non-profit making research and development organization. It conducts researches in the field of addiction and transforms the findings into products that can be of use to service providers, policymakers, etc. The innovative approach taken by the alliance will provide science-based information and other multimedia resources as well as an online network. The site will be extremely beneficial for professionals and parents who are concerned about drug abuse, in understanding and dealing with threats of internet pharmacies. The information available on the site will be downloadable as well.  

Constance Pechura, Executive Director of TRI said: “TRI conducts some of the best addiction research in the nation and is committed to increasing the impact of our findings by communicating them as broadly as possible.” She also added that “the TRI – Unyos collaboration has the potential to extend the reach of our discoveries to the very people who need but otherwise, might not get them.”