Drug Abuse BLOG

If there’s one group that has been greatly affected by drug addiction, it will be the youth. There are more and more of them who are addicted to different kinds of illicit drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and ecstasy, to name few. Fortunately, there are also several nonprofit organizations that are willing to provide the drug treatment that they need.

Here are the 5 national nonprofit organizations that help in preventing and stopping teenage drug abuse problem:

1. Teen Help. This nonprofit organization provides aid to families with children who are suffering from drug addiction. There are consultants who are available and can be called through their toll-free number during emergencies. Besides this, there are specialty schools such as Carolina Springs, Darrington, and Ivy Ridge, as well as treatment facilities for complete rehabilitation of those who are suffering from teenage drug abuse.

2. Teen Challenge International Southern California. This nonprofit organization started to open its nonprofit center in 1963. Today, there are a variety of treatment facilities erected all over South California. The organization basically relies on donations and funds that are given by those who are basically generous. They hope to transform the lives of those who are in drug addiction and help them become more sociable, spiritually open individuals. A popular drug treatment solution from them is the residential program, which lasts for a year. Aside from this, there are vocational classes, seminars on drug awareness, and special classes that are in place to further improve their lives and help them recover from drug addiction.

3. NIDA for Teens. This is a subsidiary of National Institute on Drug Abuse that specifically caters to teenage drug abuse. There are several resources that teachers and parents can make use of to educate the youth on the problems of drug addiction and the consequences of their actions. They will also be aware of the different types of illegal drugs. There are also some clinical trials that parents and teachers can read just in case they need to know more about the pressing issue of drugs in the country.

4. National Youth Network. This nonprofit organization is primarily in support of family members who have to deal with a child who is under drug addiction. There are hotline numbers that they can call, as well as some programs where they can enroll their children in. They have therapeutic boarding schools, where the teens are taught how to develop their self-confidence through proper emotional, intellectual, and spiritual guidance of professionals.

5. Help for Teens. This organization provides aid to parents on how to cope with the problem of teenage drug abuse. Besides basic information about drug addiction, there are videos about drug facts, which they can download for free anytime. They can also ask for free catalogs of the various treatment programs, specialty schools, and residential centers they can seriously consider for their child.

If you need some help, don’t forget that there will always be a nonprofit organization willing to offer you the assistance that you’re looking for.