Drug Abuse BLOG

People do many things to overcome drug abuse. One of them is reading inspirational books on the subject. Here is a list of the 10 best motivational books pertaining to drug abuse.

1. The Night of the Gun:

This is a riveting tale of a reporter’s journey into his past, when he was addicted to drugs. Written by David Carr, the book deals with his personal experience in finding answers to his problems and how it presents new dimensions to his drug-addicted past. Replete with dark humor and a penchant to make his side of the story seem believable and heroic at the same time, the book is a great read.

2. Drugs, society and human behavior:

Written by Charles Ksir, Carl Hart and Oakley Ray, this book is a comprehensive guide to the latest research findings on drug abuse. It lays down facts on drug abuse and its effect human behavior. In addition, it also talks about drug abuse from a clinical, historical, legal and social angle.

3. Tweak:

Written by Nic Sheriff, Tweak is about his personal experiences in consuming alcohol and drugs. Both poignant and yet brutally truthful, the book is a delightful read for those trying to overcome drug abuse.

4. Alcoholic Anonymous: Big Book 4th edition:

Written by AA Services, this book is almost a Bible of sorts to millions of people overcoming alcohol and drug abuse. The first edition appeared way back in 1939 and since then has been the source of inspiration for those undergoing recovery or rehab or even those currently under drug abuse. With real-life stories of women and men who have overcome these problems, this book is very motivating.

5. Identical:

Ellen Hopkins traces the story of two twins, Raeanne and Kaeleigh, who resemble each other identically. However, while Kaeleigh is the father’s favorite daughter, Raeanne feels neglected. This makes her resort to alcohol, drugs like marijuana, and sex. The story of how one sister steps up to salvage the other is heartbreaking and focuses on the humaneness of it all.

6. The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure:

Written by Chris Prentiss, this book is all about helping people with drug abuse overcome it successfully. People who want to understand their lives better and the root cause of their addiction should definitely read this book.

7. Crank:

Ellen Hopkins brings to the table another heart-wrenching semi-autobiographical memoir based on her daughter’s drug addiction. Through the consumption of Crystal Meth, she discovers her alter ego Bree, who is ultra-sexy and indulges in bad behavior to get a steady supply of the drug from bad-boy boyfriends.

8. The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test:

The 60’s were all about blatant hippiedom and Tom Wolfe demonstrates it superbly in this book about drugs and sex. All about wild parties and pop culture the book is a great read for those wanting to go back memory lane.

9. Beautiful Boy:

Nic Sheriff would have been a child destined for bigger things – if drugs didn’t consume his teenage years. Penned by David Sheriff, his father, Beautiful Boy is a memoir of his trials as the father of a drug-addicted son.

10. The Addiction Workbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Quitting Alcohol and Drugs:

Written by Patrick Fanning and John O’Neill, this book is a life-altering read for many drug abusers. By helping drug abusers understand the effects of drugs and the extent of their addiction the book helps people take the first steps towards drug rehab.