Cocaine BLOG

Despite the strict policies of the United States when it comes to narcotics, a huge number of its people are into cocaine drug abuse. In fact, according to cocaine statistics issued by Drug Abuse Warning Network, there was an increase to more than 30% of people who sought treatment for cocaine from 1995 until 2002. On the other hand, around 60 in every 100,000 are currently suffering from cocaine addiction.

There are also plenty of states where cocaine drug abuse is their most threatening problem:

Providence and Warwick. Crack, the street name of cocaine, is the most abused substance in Rhode Island, particularly in Warwick and Providence. In 4 years, the number of people who get treatment for cocaine in public health care facilities rose from a little over 800 to almost 1,500. Most of those who are into cocaine addiction would seek admission after smoking the illegal drug.

Denver. Methamphetamine could be the newest drug taken by its people, but cocaine still remains to be on top. Within 6 years, the number of people who get treatment for cocaine increased to almost 4%. There are also more cocaine drug abuse sufferers who die because of it. Between 2000 and 2005, the mortality rate rose to 13.8 % from 6.7%.

Phoenix and Tucson. Cocaine is also prevalent in these cities since Arizona has become one of the main transshipment points for the drugs. In a private test conducted among employees in 2001, almost 16% of them are users of cocaine, while most of those male arrestees are smoking or ingesting crack.

Columbus and Santa Teresa. Law enforcers in these New Mexico cities are finding it real hard to crack down the traders since most of the latter are operating discreetly. The deals are closed through phone calls, mobile phones, and even pagers. They will just meet at a certain location to get the goods. This strategy allows the drug dealers to lose only a few just in case they are being investigated by the police.

So far, cocaine statistics has dropped, but it still remains to be very high—comparable to other cities mentioned in the list. There are also more people who seek treatment for cocaine than heroin. In 2001, there were almost 2,000 patients who were admitted because of too much cocaine addiction.

Concord. This once-peaceful city in New Hampshire is currently infested with cocaine drug abuse sufferers and dealers, most of whom are Dominicans. Crack is sold in kilograms, but most of them are already packed small and sold at retail prices. You can also attribute it to the nearness of the city to Massachusetts, one of the leading sources of cocaine.

Minneapolis. Cocaine still remains to be the most used drugs in Minneapolis, and it’s sold rather cheaply, at $20 for every rock. Most of the cocaine packages come from other states, such as California. They are also controlled by gangs and Native American mobs. A small portion of the dealers are Caucasians who obtained the drugs from Mexican cartel.