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Sun Bio Medical is a leader in the development of reliable drug testing equipment. You can learn more about the company below.

A Brief History

Back in 1993, Sun Bio Medical was founded for the purpose of using the best science available to develop the most efficient and accurate drug testing devices at their facilities in New Jersey. As drug abuse has continued to be a pressing problem and as more drugs enter the arsenal of abusers who want to harm themselves, their families, and their communities, Sun Bio Medical has continued to improve their products. Now the company is continuing to commercialize these devices so they will be more readily available to the public for a wide range of uses. Additionally, Sun Bio Medical has continued to focus on the use of saliva as a testing sample for drugs and other disorders.

Company Mission

Sun Bio Medical has spent the last fifteen years committed to providing the best research and using that research to create the testing products needed by an ever-changing society. While the company began with an intense interest in helping identify those people who were abusing drugs, they have now begun to branch out and use what they've learned to help in other medical fields.


One of the top products available from Sun Bio Medical is the Oraline 4. The Oraline 4 is an example of the increasingly popular saliva tests which are being used today more frequently to test for drugs. With Oraline 4, the unique testing device has a spoon-shaped end which is inserted into the person's mouth in order to collect the saliva tests required specimen. In just 10 to 12 minutes, the Oraline 4 device will show the results on its easy-to-read screen. When all lines are present on the device, the subject is free of drugs. Any missing lines indicate the positive presence of drugs in the sample.

These saliva tests have a number of advantages over the competition. For one, they have green pre-testing lines visible to indicate the device is working accurately before the actual test begins. This helps to confirm the accuracy of the results. Another benefit is that Oraline 4 is the most sensitive of the saliva tests to the presence of marijuana which, as you may already know, is the most commonly used drug. The device also tests for cocaine, methamphetamines, and opiates. Furthermore, because the device doubles as a specimen collector, the tester has minimal risk of becoming contaminated by infected saliva. Plus, the device is designed specially to work with saliva samples which means it works better than competing products on the market.

How it Works

One interesting thing about the website is that it starts off with the company profile instead of forcing visitors to dig around for an "About Us" section. The site also provides a wealth of information for individuals considering the use of Sun Medical Bioproducts, including Oraline 4. In fact, a picture of the device is proudly displayed on the home page.

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