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Psychemedics Hair Follicle Test

Although there are a number of ways to test for drugs, Psychemedics is the leader developer of hair follicle tests. You can learn more about the company below.

A Brief History

Psychemedics Corporations specializes in developing hair testing for drug abuse. The company started more than sixteen years ago as a biotechnology firm. Today, Psychemedics has its headquarters in Massachusetts and its labs based in California. While the company has long been developing new ways of testing for drugs using only human hair, they have only recently released the first commercial product making use of this patented diagnostic process. Currently, Psychemedics counts five of the country's largest police departments and hundreds of schools as customers but with drug spending on the rise and already topping the $1 billion mark, there will be only continued growth in the Psychemedics future.

Company Mission

Psychemedics Corporation understands the significant problems associated with drug abuse and their consequences for employers, communities, law enforcement agencies, and the users themselves. They are committed to developing the most accurate and effective testing so that drug users and abusers can get the help they need and the damage to the rest of society can be minimized.


Psychemedics Corporation's patented hair drug test has been shown to be up to 10 times more effective at detecting the presence of drugs in the human body when compared to the standard urine specimen tests. When used in comparative testing, the hair drug test was able to pick up 16 times more cocaine than a standard urine test. Another benefit of the hair drug test is that it can detect drug use over a longer period of time. Instead of being able to "cheat" the test by not using drugs for a few days in order to deliver a clean urine sample, hair drug tests cannot be rigged in this way because they detect drug abuse over the course of months not days.

While hair drug testing has been provided to employers and to government clients for years through Psychemedics, it was only in 1996 that the company introduced PDT 90 which was a home version of the test that parents could use with their teenagers. The test works exactly like the professional version but can be done in the privacy of the home, even without the child's knowledge. All that is needed is a few strands of his or her hair which are then sent off to the lab for testing. Within two weeks, parents receive notification about the results. PDT 90 is able to detect the use of marijuana, ecstasy, PCP, heroin, cocaine, meth, and other drugs during the last few months.

How it Works

Consumers who want to order PDT 90 can simply go through the teen drug testing link on the Psychemedics main page or can directly access more information about the product on its own page. Unlike many companies, Psychemedics does provide cost information on its site so consumers can see instantly what the test will run them.

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