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MEDTOX offers comprehensive diagnostic and laboratory testing services and promises excellent customer service to ensure that their clients' testing programs operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Corporate Overview

Acquired by LabCorp in 2012, MEDTOX is an industry leader in employment drug testing, toxicology reference laboratory services, and clinical trials services. They offer health risk assessment testing, full drug testing program administration service, background screening and referral checks, collection site management and more.


MEDTOX operates a SAMHSA-certified drug testing laboratory, a CAP, and CLIA-certified clinical laboratory and also has an FDA registered diagnostic division.


MEDTOX manufactures and distributes its own USA-made instant drug screening devices. Since 1987 MEDTOX has developed dozens of on-site devices and continues to create new single-step, immunoassay tests for the qualitative detection of drugs in urine.

MEDTOX owns the PROFILE, VERDICT and SURE-SCREEN line of products.

For pre-employment testing:

  • PROFILE-II A Cassette Device with Adulterant Options
  • EZ-SCREEN Cup Device with Adulterant Options
  • PROFILE-d A Dip Device with Adulterant Options
  • PROFILE-d Standard Dip Device
  • PROFILE-V Standard Cassette Device

For hospital lab testing:

  • PROFILE-II ER Standard Cassette Device
  • VERDICT-II Standard Cassette Device

For Criminal Justice & Rehabilitation:

  • VERDICT-II + LFAS Cassette Device with Adulterant Options
  • SURE-SCREEN + LFAS Cup Device with Adulterant Options
  • SURE-SCREEN Standard Cup Device Options
  • VERDICT-III Standard Cup Device Options
  • SURE-SCREEN-d A Dip Device with Adulterant Options
  • SURE-SCREEN-d Standard Dip Device

In addition to their testing products, MEDTOX also provides comprehensive training procedures for their products on their websites to make sure you know exactly how to use drug tests. You can easily download instruction sheets for all the company's products on the MEDTOX website.

You can also sign up for MEDTOX's newsletter and find many drug and lab reference materials.