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Lake Consumer Products are one of the leaders in reproductive and female health-related products. They are also the first producers of an FDA-approved home fertility test for men. You can learn more about Lake Consumer Products below.

A Brief History

Back in 2002, Lake Consumer Products made a huge splash in the personal and reproductive health market when they took their male fertility test to the FDA for approval. The company which was based in Vernon Hills, Illinois had already established itself as leader in this industry with its products to test ovulation and for its female health goods. Just one year later, Lake Consumer Products was acquired by Wisconsin Pharmacal Company. The Jackson-based Pharmacal had an even longer history: it had started at the end of the 19th century as the manufacturer of medical products for independent drug stores before being changed into its current form back in 1971. In 2003, Pharmacal not only purchased Lake Consumer Products but a number of other brands, including Sting Eze insect bite relief and Atwater Carey First Aid Kits.

Company Mission

Health and wellness has always been the focus of both Lake Consumer Products and Wisconsin Pharmacal. The current catalog of products is intended to help people achieve not only better health but also future happiness through the birth of future generations.


As mentioned above, it was the development of the first at-home male fertility test that really put Lake Consumer Products on the map. The product is known as the BabyStart Male Fertility Test, essentially it is a sperm count test. To ensure the accuracy of the sperm count test, each diagnostic set comes with the supplies to do two separate tests. The two tests need to be done within 3 to 7 days of one another to achieve the most accurate results.

The semen for the sperm count test must be acquired either by masturbating directly into the provided cup or into the provided condom through either masturbation or intercourse. When added to the cup, the semen will become more liquid and the testing can begin. Detailed instructions for testing, which seem a bit complicated, are provided by Lake Consumer Products in both English and Spanish. The results can be read within 5 minutes of completing the sperm count test as directed.

The most positive part of the development of this BabyStart product is that it allows men to check their fertility without the embarrassment of having to consult a physician. Of course, if both tests are negative or if the tests deliver conflicting results, these results do suggest a trip to the physician would be a good idea.

How it Works

The Lake Consumer Products site provides an abundance of important information for consumers. For each of its numerous products, a detailed FAQs page is available that should provide the answers to most concerns bothering potential buyers. For further privacy, all of the products, including the sperm count test, can be purchased privately over the Internet.

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