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Instant Technologies, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industry-leading drug and alcohol test devices. The company has been serving the public from their headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia since 1997.1 Instant Technologies, Inc is an authorized government contractor, duly listed in the Drugs and Druggists’ Sundries Merchant Wholesalers industry.2 The company is well known for high-quality products that are offered at competitive prices. They also provide first-rate product training and excellent customer service.

Instant Technologies Product Line

While drug and alcohol test devices from Instant Technologies provide rapid results at high levels of accuracy, they are easy to use.

They are manufactured to last for extended periods of time without compromising the reliability of the results. These products are favored by many industries that include but are not limited to staffing agencies, transportation, construction, healthcare (hospitals and laboratories), educational institutions, law enforcement, correctional facilities and many Fortune 500 companies.

• Most Popular Drug Testing Products

iCup® - All-in-one collection cum test device designed for large-scale drug screening. It features a Specimen Validity Strip that ensures the sample collected is valid and has not been tampered with. The iCup is able to detect from 3-10 substances in human urine including marijuana and morphine.

iScreen™ One Step Drug Card – Easy-to-use/No-mess saliva and urine tests with specimen collector that provides quick and accurate results. Able to test for up to 6 substances including cocaine and opiates.

iCassette™ - Urine drug test that only requires 3mL of a specimen in order to accurately deliver results. Able to test for up to 12 substances.

Other Products

Alcohol Screens – saliva and breath testers for the detection of blood alcohol content (BAC)

Validity Screens – dip & read drug adulteration test strips for the detection of tampered samples. Tests for 7 parameters of validity including nitrites, creatinine, glutaraldehyde, specific gravity, PH, oxidants and PCC

Clinical Controls – available in both negative and positive formats for urine-based drug tests. Also available for saliva tests for alcohol.

Instant Technologies’ state-of-the-art test devices are highly trusted and popular within the industry. These devices provide fast and reliable drug and alcohol test results at budget-friendly rates. Test Country is proud to carry these devices. Please feel free to browse our site for more information about Instant Technologies and how their complete portfolio of test devices can address your drug and alcohol screening requirements.