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IND Diagnostic, Inc. is a Canadian biotechnology company that offers advanced in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) test systems and kits. For more information on this company, please continue to read the text below.

A Brief History

The company's website details the history of IND Diagnostic Inc. The site states that the privately owned company was founded in 1995 with the aim of creating high-quality in-vitro diagnostic systems and making these available to customers around the world.

IND says that through the years, it has expanded its markets internationally by forming strategic partnerships with distributers abroad. The company has levied heavily on innovation, research and technology to create exceptional rapid diagnostic products.

IND Diagnostic claims that its ability to overcome obstacles and challenges to deliver excellent products has resulted in the company being ranked as the second largest biotech company or the largest IVD manufacturer in British Columbia.

Company Mission

IND Diagnostic Inc.'s mission is to further push the envelope when it comes to the biomedical industry by continuing to provide valuable testing technology and tools to customers at affordable prices. The company claims that with its high-quality products made available at inexpensive costs, it aims to give everyone the chance to prevent serious illnesses and to avoid the problems caused by drug and alcohol abuse.


IND's One-Step LH Ovulation Test is a fast, easy way to help you and your husband start a family. This simple immunoassay can detect elevated levels of LH (your Luteinizing Hormone) in your urine, indicating ovulation. The company's HCG Pregnancy Test, on the other hand, is an equally easy way to find out if you're pregnant. Take the test any time of the day and results can be read in 2 to 5 minutes. The test even claims an accuracy of 99%.

Companies can even use IND Diagnostic's Infectious Disease Tests, such as the Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test or the TB Test to determine which employees should be required to stay at home to recover. Likewise, employers can greatly benefit from the company's long list of Drug Abuse Tests, which can detect the presence of illegal substances such as Opiates, Morphine, Cocaine, Marijuana or Amphetamines, among other drugs, in urine samples.

You can even use the company's One-Step Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Test or the One Step CEA Test to determine whether you are at risk of prostate cancer. These tests are qualitative immunoassays that can detect PSA serum or Carcinoma Embryonic Antigens in plasma.

IND Diagnostic also suggests that some of its tests can even help in the treatment and diagnosis of certain heart diseases. The One-Step Myoglobin Test, for instance, is designed to determine the amount of Myoglobin in human serum or plasma and whole blood specimens as an aid in the diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infraction.

How It Works

IND Diagnostic's website is simple and does not have that much information available for customers. Product descriptions are not that detailed, but more information on the company’s different products can be requested through email or by phone. Products may be ordered the same way, as well, and the company's contact details are listed on the "contacts" page.