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Confirm Biosciences is a provider of point-of-care medical diagnostic products and lab based drug testing services. They offer a range of drug and alcohol on-site test kits for use in the workplace, occupational health, school, and public safety settings.

Corporate Overview

Confirm Biosciences is a leader in the commercialization of new technologies for personal screening testing, bringing both laboratory testing and point of care testing to the consumer through innovation and product development.


Confirm Biosciences offers self-administered laboratory testing services that allow people to collect specimens in the privacy and convenience of their own home or workplace and have them shipped to and tested at a certified laboratory.


Confirm Biosciences owns many different brand names for products that test for drugs and general health.

For drug testing, Confirm Biosciences owns:

For general health testing, Confirm Biosciences owns the following brands:

Confirm Biosciences also sells instant urine dip cards, instant cholesterol testing kits, synthetic marijuana and bath salts testing kits, alcohol screening kits and nicotine screening kits.

In addition to these testing products, Confirm Biosciences provides downloadable instruction sheets for the company's products on the Confirm Biosciences website.