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Chematics' Alcohol Breathalyzer Tests

Chematics is a top biotechnology company offering some of the leading and most revolutionary products on the market. You can learn more about Chematics and their products below.

A Brief History

Back in 1988, Chematics was founded in North Webster, Indiana. Although this Midwestern state may seem like an unusual location, the site proved successful in developing diagnostic testing solutions that can be used in-vitro to help expectant mothers identify abnormal conditions before the birth of their child. To achieve that goal, the company has been working to continuously improve their adherence to regulations and to quality. The company’s products do include more than in-vitro testing solutions, however. Chematics also manufactures products to test cholesterol and glucose levels, as well as for the presence of alcohol in the body.

Company Mission

Chematics has always put the needs of its clients at the top of their minds. To ensure that a wide range of people will have access to the diagnostic testing supplies, prices are kept affordable, and their safety is always maintained. The company continues to improve their products based on the latest advancements in the industry.


Two of Chematics most popular products are Alcoscreen and Alcoscreen DOT. Today, research has shown that breathalyzer tests for alcohol are not as reliable as those based on saliva samples. The Alcoscreen test requires a simple saliva sample. The sample is collected and in two minutes the results are available. Not only can the Alcoscreen product detect the presence of alcohol in the body but it can determine an approximate blood alcohol level. Because there is no extra instruments required for the test, it is convenient and easy to use. These products have been sold in the United States, as well as in the European Community. They also have been proven effective with a track record of nearly 20 years. They are also some of the most affordable diagnostic tests available at under $1.70 per test.

Although slightly more expensive, Alcoscreen 2 (also known as Alcoscreen DOT) is an even more sensitive diagnostic test that also uses a simple saliva sample to determine blood alcohol concentration within four minutes. Because of the speed and accuracy of the Alcoscreen DOT test, it has been approved for use with the Department of Transportation (DOT) staff. The cost per diagnostic test is under $2 so even though it is slightly more expensive it is still an affordable option.

How it Works

Chematics has decided to focus its financial efforts on developing high-quality products that are fast-acting and accurate. This means the site is less visually appealing than those from their competition. However, the site is also easier to navigate and separates the product information from its technical specifications for the convenience of the client. Unlike other companies which require contacting them for quotes on the products, Chematics provides price lists for your convenience so you can know instantly whether or not the product fits your testing budget.

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