Amphetamine BLOG

Chronic drug use is one of the most prevalent drug problems in the United States today, with reported numbers reaching as high as 12.8 million Americans using illegal drugs regularly. Among all these illegal drugs, however, the use of amphetamine ranks high at the top of the most dangerous ones. Statistics show that the United States even ranks sixth among the countries with high incidences of amphetamine use.

Some people don’t realize the dangers of using amphetamines. This has caused many drug abusers to live a lie. They think that they are in control of their addiction to this dangerous drug. But even small amounts of amphetamine can cause severe harm to your mind and your body. Read on to find out why amphetamines are considered the most dangerous illegal substance in the United States.

1. The use of amphetamines can cause serious addiction. Amphetamines are considered Schedule II drugs in the Control Substance Act of the United States. This basically means that this harmful drug has a high drug abuse risk even if you use it just once. It can cause grave physical and psychological dependence. Amphetamines, though, are still considered medically useful for certain illnesses (such as ADHD). But because of the apparent dangers from regular use of this drug, amphetamines can only be used legally through very restricted prescriptions from doctors.

2. Abuse of amphetamine may cause heart attacks. One of the reasons why this drug is popular among college students and truck drivers is because it helps them stay awake due to its stimulant effects. The danger, though, lies in the fact that because it is a stimulant, amphetamine increases heart rate and blood pressure. It also causes artery spasms and lessens the flow of blood to the heart, thereby increasing the risk of heart attacks.

3. Amphetamines, mixed with other drugs, create dangerous drug cocktails that can lead to serious physical and mental harm or even death. Most people who engage in the regular use of illegal drugs rarely stick to just one drug. Amphetamine users, for instance, might use this drug with ecstasy, cocaine or even heroin. Now, this poses a grave danger to drug abusers. Mixing amphetamines greatly intensify the effects of the drug up to six times, putting more strain on your heart. Also, mixing this drug with alcohol can weaken your kidneys and intensify hangovers.

4. The use of amphetamines can have adverse effects on your psychological health. Chronic use of this drug has been proven to cause psychosis in many users, causing them to hallucinate, become delusional and even do repetitive actions. In some cases, those who have been using amphetamine regularly, develop anxiety or mood disorders and even sexual dysfunction.

Drug abuse is still pretty much a serious problem, not only in the United States but in other parts of the world as well. The best way to face this issue is to know more about these substances, like amphetamine and its dangers. Only then can people realize the grave harm that these illegal drugs can cause. With the information listed above, we can help many people steer away from what is considered the most dangerous illegal substance in the US.